About Faculty


Since April 20th, 1981, Faculty of Law in Bung Hatta University got B accreditation in 1998 based on The Decree of National Accreditation  Agency for Higher Education, Ministry of Education and Culture. Then in 2013, it also got B from Decree of National Accreditation Agency for Higher Education, Ministry of Education. In 2006, as a manifestation of efforts to strengthen self-integrity. Law Faculty Studies Program Successfully won a grant of A2 PHK from the Higher Education. In 2009 BAN PT, May 6, 2009 which was valid until 2014.

From its development over time, the policy of developing faculty of law study programs is included in the planning, which is based on human resources owned, facilities and supporting infrastructure, student interest, as well as employment opportunities for alumni. These variables are used as the basis for developing the Vision, Mission and Objectives of the Law Study Program of the Faculty of Bung Hatta University.

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